Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Novella!

Today Novella is one. I remember in March of 2008 how much time I spent clearing out preconceptions and preparing myself mentally to live one day at a time. While the amount of permanent memory loss and nerve damage I have suffered from sleeplessness is a bit of a cliche, everything else has been a huge surprise. For about a week she was a helpless little gurgling lump, but she began advancing so fast there has been little time for nostalgia. Within three weeks she was dragging herself across the floor in an army crawl. She was chattering, crawling, and walking long before the pediatrician told us she would. She is taller and heavier than most babies her age. She is wearing 24 month old clothing. She is teething like crazy. It sounds overwhelming, and it is, but I am so excited. Because my biggest wish is that I can soon start talking to her, hanging out, and finding out more about who she is. She was born with a very strong personality, it is all I can do to try and instill some good habits in her and let her just be who she is.

Her eyes are as big and moony as the day she was born.

I am wearing the same T-shirt I wore the day she was born, and it is a total coincidence.