Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Novella has been able to say "dada" and "mumma" for a while, and for at least a month and a half has known who is who and can call us by name. The downside is she also is very attached to her mumma, and lets me know every time mumma has to go to work or leave the room. I was getting pretty desperate for a while- desperately I would try and soothe her when Mummy was beat tired, but Nova would punch and claw my face crying "Mumma!!" It sucked.

Then I discovered she likes Daddy's lullabye songs. I guess my voice is deep, and kind of sounds like Mummy's in the womb, and I am lucky enough to have an awesome wife who sang and read stories to her baby way back then.

I make up some improvised lullabyes, but my favorite "real songs" are Lie Still, Little Bottle and Out of Jail by They Might Be Giants. I have no idea where those rank in my "favorite TMBG songs" list, but I remember all the lyrics when I'm holding a screaming baby, and the tempo goes well with the recorded heartbeats that come out of her nursery noise machine.

She likes recorded music once in a while, but not at bedtime. She just likes singing, and often she will go from full-on-wail to flopped limp and peaceful on my shoulder in a matter of seconds.

Try not to think about those lyrics too much, if you clicked the links. What matters is they're good lullabye melodies.

She is becoming very verbal. Lots of piglet noises still, but also very opinionated and passionate rants, full of emotion and fluctuating facial expressions. And still, everytime she tries a new mushy fruit she gives us that look of skepticism before she commits to liking it. That's right you little free-thinker. Keep questioning authority, just not at bedtime please.