Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Novella says hello, then attempts to test the video viewer's sense of object permanence.


Novella and I have a brief dialogue where I do most of the talking and she scurries about.


Novella likes a good old fashioned game of peek-a-boo as much as the next baby. This is due to her lack of object permanence! Fun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Lots of things happened.

The best part of taking Nova to the zoo was buying her a plush stingray. She cried almost the entire time, but boy she still loves chewing on that stingray.

She calls the cats and power outlets da-da as much as she calls me da-da, but I still think it rules that da-da is one of the easiest syllables she can articulate. I think I've heard her yell "Mummy!", but only when Mummy isn't home and she's rather sick of me. But, with great adorability, she speaks in gibberish constantly. Cutietimes.

Leaving the house with her remains a struggle. Our schedules are busy, but more importantly Novella is easily overwhelmed by crowds. She spends most of her time crying, but I suppose she has more than compensated by being quite the happy zen baby at home. Not to jinx us, but she gives us at least 6 hour stretches of sleep most nights. Most nights.

Victoria's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Alan are in from England, and the timing is perfect. Nova is finally sociable enough to be interesting to a couple visitors. Oh my patient relatives, we will be inviting you to see her more soon!

Current count: 1,353 pictures of Novella in 5 months. That's about 9 pictures a day!