Saturday, July 26, 2008


Phrases I'm looking forward to teaching Novella:

"I have yet to find compelling evidence."
"I am a spectator of the universe, not an agent of chaos."
"I find your bravado tedious."


Nellie Ann said...

Um, wow.

I just wandered over here from Elizabeths blog, only to discover that you have created one of the cutest baby-folk I have ever seen.

And as a child-care provider, I've seen a lot of baby-folk.

I'm just saying....

Christopher said...

Phrases I am looking forward to teaching to Novella:

"You cannot run when the defense stacks eight in the box."

"The hard part is getting the secondary to bite on play-action."

And of course:


Sorry about that, Dan & Vicky. It's just that pre-season starts tonight.

Dan Telfer said...

Thanks Nellie!

Chris, you're talking about what? Hockey? Rugby? Disc Golf?