Monday, June 9, 2008


Novella continues to break height, weight, and diaper load records. She has reached a point where she will fill a diaper with poop and I will think to myself, "Damn, that has more mass than the last meal I ate."

We are very slowly incorporating visitors into our routine as Novella passes the two month mark. Soon she will enter her third month, ending her "4th trimester" as the experts call it, cuing her to become a more rational and timely beast. Will she take the cue? Or will she periodically regress into a squealing, chaotic pterodactyl hatchling? I think we know the answer. She still snorts a bit, our little piglet, but more and more frequently she seems to want Maria Bamford to sing Old MacDonald to her and she lets loose a loud shriek characteristic of those extinct winged reptiles. Sometimes while she is deep in sleep.

So, she's progressed, but we're still not sleeping normally.

It is also of note that she is smiling all the time, and is the most gorgeous baby we could hope for.

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Elizabeth McQuern said...

"pterodactyl hatchling" is hilarious.

Also, awwwwwwwwww!!