Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The baby is now three days overdue.

Those typical questions like "Are you excited?" have now been replaced with "Oh my god is everything alright?!" which is far more disturbing. Yes, babies can be born past their due-date and not be mutant abominations. Relax. You can still talk to me like any other expecting father, no need to add a tone of horror.

My daughter's birthstone is now officially diamond. This is something girls think about, I guess. The origins seem rooted in tradition and ruined by commercialism. But you know, girls like to feel special in a way that only the Breastplate of Aaron can satisfy.

Due dates are so stupid. Obviously nature doesn't give a shit about dates, it's your employer, doctors, etcetera who want numbers. So while we don't really care when our baby wants to come into this world, we're now officially being annoyed by the number-lovers of this world.

We'd like a birth as natural as possible, so hurry the fuck up, baby.


Christopher said...

I'd heard that it was common for first children to be born after their due date. Mandy was a week late. The joke is that she just didn't want to be born on Thanksgiving.

Mandy also wanted me to mention that March birthdays are overrated. Everyone has a March birthday nowadays. If you want to be cool and original, April is the way to go. Shane's birthday is in April. And he's pretty groovy.

Betsy said...

Both my sisters were 11 days overdue. They were alright. Blonde, but alright.