Monday, March 17, 2008

Holding Pattern

Victoria has finally gotten out of going to work, so she is chilling out at home nesting this Monday morning instead of making the 1.5 hour drive to and from work. This is especially awesome because we live 1.5 blocks from the hospital. At home is a great place to be.

My wife is ready to go, right by the hospital. I am ready to go, but swirling in orbit around her as I go to work and produce a show or take a class. Our home is totally ready to receive this new life. Every time I make an orbit away from the house, or we venture together somewhere, we notice how uninteresting things other than our baby are. The world around us buzzes with white noise, increasingly monotonous as we near the due date, and I realize that if the outside world ever seemed to be less cool than the world I share with my wife, it will be even more so when I have an awesome child and awesome wife. How I will cope with other people's mediocrity when I have a glorious amazing imp strapped to my chest in a BabyBjörn, I have no idea.


Christopher said...

Uh oh. You're venturing dangerously close to Brian Posehn's "Punch My Baby" territory here. Just warning ya.

Dan Telfer said...

This is my baby blog, not my stand-up.

Maybe if this wasn't a baby-themed blog I'd be right there with you. But what were you expecting, NOTHING but Star Wars entries?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I notice a certain glazed quality to your expression these days when I try to converse with you. I'm already bored with my mediocrity. I'm glad you're finally seeing it, too.

When is the babeh arriving? I need to do some sittins!

Dan Telfer said...

This has apparently become the "friends get sad that they're not on par with my unborn child" post.

Sorry dudes, babies make you talk funny. It's not my friends I'm looking at differently so much as the strangers everyone's life is haunted by. So while I will not apologize for the whimsy and naiveté that is bound to layer onto my personality, I do apologize to any friends who think I am looking forward to ignoring them. Far from it! I like you all more than blogs can express.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Of course (as you know) I am just being my usual silly self-deprecating self. I am so happy and excited for you and Victoria, and I hope the only selfishness I display is my overeagerness to be your favorite babysitter. I haven't snuggled a baby in much too long, and, just your luck, you're the only baby-expecting friends I have right now. :)

Although I have to report that B.B. recently said he was "bored" waiting for your baby.

Dan Telfer said...

Tell B.B. I am bored with his facial hair.