Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Fetal

My favorite band, Eels, is finally doing a show in Chicago again that isn't part of Lollapalooza, something I did not care to spend an entire paycheck on.

Surprise: the show falls within a week of my daughter's projected arrival. Even if the baby came tonight I seriously doubt I'd be comfortable heading to the concert.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, Dan, it is really obnoxious for you to complain about missing a band because of your baby. Worse than that, it's cliche and bad-dad sounding. But hear me out- the last time I commented in a blog about not being able to go to something because I had uncompromisable plans, someone read it and set the wheels in motion for me to then interview two of my idols in lieu of seeing them perform.

So, not that I think those same friends know the members of Eels, but if anyone out there does happen to know them I would not be offended if you somehow could arrange for Mark Oliver Everett to come by and sing my daughter a lullaby while he's in town. I'm just saying. I've been enormously lucky before with that sort of thing...

(Note: it appears someone named "chi_diana" wrote that first blog link, but it was in fact me. Metroblogging Chicago just got some of my entries screwed up. Promise.)

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