Friday, March 21, 2008

Comedy Baby

"When people have a baby, they aren't funny/suck". So says, well, almost every single comic I look up to. I'll watch a special on Comedy Central, I'll listen to an album, and it's there. The topic is omnipresent these days. In fact, so says almost every good and shitty comic alike in the Chicago stand-up scene.

Almost every open mic or showcase I do, right before me someone does a joke about how shitty babies are, or how shitty new dads are. I have a joke that's a decent response to it (which I downright require, because sometimes someone will do these jokes and then the host will introduce me as about to have a kid) but I get so tired of doing it!

I would even suggest that the standard is the opposite. The alternative is now the mainstream. It is actually far more cliche now to insult a new parent than it is to be one, and as the movie Idiocracy recently hypothesized, smart people are too antsy and whiny to actually pony up and raise a new generation and only retarded rednecks actually bring one into the world. Check it out, I think it's something we've all seen before in some context:

But to drive my point home, here's 3 of my favorite comics all slamming new parents. The first even slams comics who are new parents. It's all 100% funny, all 100% a challenge for me to write better:

Brian Posehn's "Punch my baby" bit:

Paul F. Tompkins' "New dads" bit:

Click to watch.

Patton Oswalt's "Babies are horrifying and polluting the planet" bit (about 7:10 in, there's only audio):

In a sense, I feel like the most important thing I've ever done is airline food.

I also know the truth. This is my journey, not theirs. I am not actually afraid of cliches, or bothered by them. This is all noise, heroes reflecting on their paths, paths that I find compelling but paths that are not mine. You cannot be intimidated. You must create somehow, and this is how I create.


Christopher said...

I think it's a lot like dreams. You know how people who have really vivid dreams LOVE to talk about the crazy dreams they have? But people who don't have vivid dreams absolutely could not give a shit, and actually get annoyed when their friends say, "Dude, I had this crazy dream last night!" I suspect the divide between the have-babies and have-baby-nots is similar.

Dan Telfer said...

Yes. Although people who don't have vivid dreams don't go on and on about not having vivid dreams. For some reason the world seems inundated with loud have-baby-nots right now. I know the have-babies are probably louder, but in the world of comedy the have-baby-nots are a hell of a lot louder.

jonty said...

I think that The world around us buzzes with white noise, increasingly monotonous. Adults can adjust with this noise around but the kids can bare high pitch sounds, so White Noise with different noises may help babies to sleep well.

Caitlin said...

White noise? Wha?!?
I gotta get me some of that! But how.....

Dan Telfer said...

Uh, so I guess Jonty is some kind of spammer? I can't understand anything he's saying.