Friday, March 21, 2008


I've put a lot of "sympathy weight" on in the final half of this pregnancy, which is unfortunate because I lost a lot of weight in the first half of it jogging.

I absolutely hate the way I'm looking in pictures and video of me doing stand-up. It's really frustrating because I hit a kind of stride with it and was lucky to get some on tape and film, but there is a marked difference around early December when I have clearly put on about 25-30 pounds.

I'm watching the jokes and going "wow, this is something I should send to festivals and agents and the like", but part of me is also going "what the fuck is that giant bugbear with glasses wheezing out all my material?!". Just look at the profile picture here, and then watch the video on the bottom right margin. The picture was taken in early November, when I was at my lowest weight in years. I'm wearing a tie and looking kinda sharp if I do say so myself. In that video it's late February, and my XL T-shirt wraps so tightly around my belly it looks tucked in. But it isn't. It just has no more fabric to fall below my belt. Ugh.

I can't wait for the weather to change. As soon as it's truly nice out again I can go back to my morning jogs. I'm already cutting back a bit on the booze. I want so badly to be a healthy daddy for my little girl, and to wake up with energy in the morning. I may never be able to do that last part without a big cup of coffee (after all my jogging in the morning, exercise never woke me up. that only works for certain body types and genetically gifted people, and those who try and sell exercise by saying it will always make you feel good are a pack of liars)... but I digress. I want to be healthy. And later this year, I'm gonna have to make a point to not start eating pizza 3 days a week as soon as I stop wearing shorts. I'm a daddy. Gotta focus. Gotta pace myself. Gotta not look like a bugbear.

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