Monday, January 14, 2008


At 9:30 AM on Saturday, we went ahead and got the "special" elective ultrasound. This means it wasn't at a doctor's office, but at a loft office where people got to make a "memory" out of the experience. It was really cheesy, but I confess I loved it. I got to see the baby in 3D, which was crazy. It looks like a person. It is indeed a girl... or at least this woman at the ultrasound loft said so. Victoria is still skeptical that not enough time and science was spent coming to the conclusion. Unlike previous ultrasounds where the procedure was more to check on heart rate and development than gender, this woman spends every day staring at this thing with couples begging to know the gender. She was confident. I trust her. I'd say we're up to 99% certain.

When we got home at about 10 AM, I crashed into a heap and didn't get up until Monday morning. Something started happening in my skull and throat on Wednesday, and by Saturday it was so bad that I basically lost all of Saturday and Sunday. I'm not an idiot who thinks he can "power through" a sickness. But when there's a baby that can't feed itself that takes on a new meaning. No more laying in a blanket cocoon while watching my Shark Week DVD collection. No, the next time I get a sinus infection I will be on my feet, boiling bottles or changing diapers, all the while with some kind of mask over my face because I'll be terrified of giving the girl my disease. Should I see a doctor? Of course. But it better work around the baby's schedule.

That's right. I may never get to have a traditional, lazy "sick day" again.


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Bella Rossa said...

It's a little Telferette!

I had a dream last night that I was babysitting your little girl. She looked like a mini-Victoria and was already telling jokes.